Spigen Cyrill Shine Mag MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Pro Glitter Rose

Designový výrobek Spigen Cyrill Shine Mag MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Pro Glitter Rose od top značky Krytárna snadno najdete na našich stránkách teď levně. Nabídky od 1239 Kč
Cena: 1239 Kč

The Spigen Cyrill Shine protection set is a unique proposition, consisting of a durable protective case and a two-pack of high-quality tempered glass Spigen Glas.TR The case is an extremely thin and lightweight proposition, consisting of a transparent layer made of polycarbonate that wraps around the edges and back of the phone, and a durable frame around it, made of a thermoplastic soft material that further protects the device from drops. The frame of the case is covered with a delicately shimmering glitter. The case features a magnetic ring compatible with the MagSafe wireless charger, ensuring quick and easy charging. The perfect case for those who appreciate the original look of their device with a little variety. Glas.TR is a crystal clear tempered glass with a thickness of 0.2mm and hardness of 9H (resistance grade), making it extremely scratch-resistant. The product perfectly reflects the displayed colors and does not affect the sensitivity of touch. In addition, the glass is covered with a special nano-coating, which protects the screen from leaving fingerprints or other contaminants.

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