Moshi iVisor AG Apple MacBook Air 13.6 (M2, 2022) (Black/Clear/Matte)

Výjimečný a žádaný kus Moshi iVisor AG Apple MacBook Air 13.6 (M2, 2022) (Black/Clear/Matte) od známé společnosti Krytárna můžete pořídit u nás levně! Nyní pořídíte jen za 1249 Kč
Cena: 1249 Kč

Moshi iVisor AG is a special protective film that protects the entire screen of the MacBook Air 13.6 (M2, 2022). Unlike normal screen films, the iVisor film installs very easily. The patented technology means that there are no air bubbles during installation. The film can also be washed under water and reapplied. iVisor AG is an anti-glare film which is non-reflective and ensures a clear image regardless of the lighting conditions in which the MacBook is used. Its matt surface also resists fingerprints and protects the screen from scratching. Product features: – MacBook screen protection film – Zero air bubbles during installation – Enhanced scratch and fingerprint resistance – Multi-layer design with high clarity and sharpness – Re-washable and reusable Compatibility: – MacBook Air 13.6 (M2, 2022)

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