Kingxbar Plush Pods Apple AirPods 3 purple

Tento exkluzivní kus Kingxbar Plush Pods Apple AirPods 3 purple značky Krytárna snadno seženete právě teď ve slevě. Aktuálně v akci za 559 Kč
Cena: 559 Kč

Case for AirPods 3 Kingxbar Plush Series headphones – cover, plush casing Surprising, unusual and… plush! This is the case for the AirPods 3 Kingxbar Plush Series headphones. This pleasant to touch cover will be a great gadget for winter or autumn. Whichever color of the case you choose, it is hidden under the plush high-quality PC material will protect your headphones from scratches . Key benefits of the Kingxbar Plush Series AirPods 3 case: Unique, plush decoration draws attention to itself Protects your headphones from damage and dust Extremely simple and quick to install I can see it plushly! Blue, pink or purple – this cute case will surely be eye-catching. The plush cover for AirPods 3 has an additional side ring sewn in, which you can use to hang your headphones next to your purse or backpack. Effective protection Although the case is made of plush material, it will effectively protect against the effects of falls, including dents or cracks. An additional inner microfiber layer will also protect the AirPods 3 from scratches. Easy to assemble and disassemble The plush case is quick and easy to install. Just stretch them over the AirPodsy 3 and you’re ready to go. Installation will not take long and will not be cumbersome.

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