Dux Ducis Paperfeel Apple iPad mini 2021 (6. generacji)

Tento výjimečný produkt Dux Ducis Paperfeel Apple iPad mini 2021 (6. generacji) originál od značky Krytárna snadno získáte zde teď opravdu výhodně. Akční cena od 369 Kč
Cena: 369 Kč

Dux Ducis Paperfeel Film Matte Film for iPad mini 2021 (A2567, A2568, A2569) Like Paper-like Paper for Tablet Drawing Protective foil with a unique texture resembling a sheet of paper. Designed for Apple iPad tablets and graphics working on them, who value the comfort and precision of prepared projects. Ultra-thin, multi-layer and non-slip cover ensuring the perfection of every movement, and at the same time the security of the device screen. Like a piece of paper Due to the special treatment of the foil, its surface, instead of a smooth cover, resembles a slightly rough sheet of paper to the touch. This texture will certainly be appreciated by graphic designers who know how tricky and irritating the slippery screen of a tablet can be. With this foil, the stylus movements will become as precise as a well-sharpened pencil on a notebook sheet. Without skidding and light reflections The unique texture of the foil guarantees the certainty of both longer stylus movements and single clicks. No slipping and no problems with reading the action by the tablet. In addition, the cover also has a coating that reduces problematic light reflections, so you can safely take your equipment outside even on a very sunny day. Because why sit at home when you can work in more pleasant conditions? Ultrathin The cover is only 0.15 mm thick! You don’t have to worry that it will in any way affect the sensitivity of the screen or the quality of the displayed image. Both the colors and its sharpness remain the same. Anyway, with such dimensions it is very easy to forget that the foil is on the device at all. Multi-layer construction Despite its minimum thickness, the foil consists of 5 separate layers, each of which adds another practical value. From exceptional scratch resistance, through the reduction of light reflections and unsightly greasy marks, to secure installation thanks to a strong adhesive layer. Simply a complete cover. No more dirt The visor also has an oleophobic coating to reduce smudging and smudges such as fingerprints. Clear image and attractive appearance without constantly wiping the display.

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