Dux Ducis 9D Tempered Glass Realme C33 black

Exkluzivní produkt Dux Ducis 9D Tempered Glass Realme C33 black od značky Krytárna pořídíte právě levně. Akční ceny od 339 Kč
Cena: 339 Kč

Realme C33 Dux Ducis 9D Tempered Glass Series Tempered Glass 9H full screen with black border Extremely durable 9H tempered glass by Dux Ducis . It is matched to the Realme C33 , perfectly protects the screen of the device against damage due to falls or scratches (for example, by keys carried in a pocket). The glass absorbs the energy generated by the impact and spreads it over its surface. Thanks to this, only the applied glass breaks, not the entire display. The cost of replacing this gadget is incomparably less than installing a new display! It is in an elegant, rigid manufacturer’s packaging, which prevents damage during transport. The set includes cloths to clean the LCD screen and stickers to get rid of dust particles. Specification: Brand: Dux Ducis Series: Dux Ducis 9D Tempered Glass Compatibility: Realme C33 Hardness: 9H New, originally packed Extremely impact and scratch resistant Easy to assemble The set includes: tempered glass, screen cleaning cloths, a sticker to remove dust particles How to put the glass on the display? Clean the screen of your device very thoroughly with the provided cloths Peel off the tape protecting the glass Place the glass on the screen precisely Remove the air from under the glass, you can use, for example, an ATM card

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