Crong Color Cover Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (pink sand)

Výjimečný a žádaný kus Crong Color Cover Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (pink sand) originál od výrobce Krytárna můžete najít u nás nyní za výprodejovou cenu! Ceny od 579 Kč
Cena: 579 Kč

The Color Cover is made of flexible Anti-Shock Liquid Silicone. A raised frame around the camera protects the protruding lens system on all iPhone 13 models. A high-quality, genuine microfiber lining also protects your Apple phone when you put the case on and take it off, so you don’t accidentally scratch it. The Color Cover Series protective case is also designed in such a way that the user can safely place the phone with the screen facing down. The raised edge of the display makes the screen float just above the tabletop surface. This solution also minimizes the risk of cracking the glass when falling to the ground. The Crong case also protects the volume control buttons and the side button. This prevents dust and dirt particles from getting inside the iPhone, which could damage its components.

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