Baseus Dynamic 2 Series USB-C/Lightning Cable 20W 2m purple

Tento zlevněný produkt Baseus Dynamic 2 Series USB-C/Lightning Cable 20W 2m purple od top značky Krytárna získáte zde teď v akci. Právě lze objednat jen za 439 Kč
Cena: 439 Kč

Baseus Dynamic 2 Series fast charging cable USB-C – Lightning 20W 480Mbps 2m purple A high-quality Baseus product that will ensure your safety and short charging time. The cable has USB-C and Lightning connectors. It is designed for a maximum load of 22.5W. It also supports fast charging standards such as Apple Fast Charge or Power Delivery. Additional protections as well as the braided cable ensure that the product should work efficiently for a long time. Specification: Brand: Baseus Transmission speed: up to 480Mbps Maximum load: up to 22.5W Connector type: USB-C – Lightning USB standard: USB 2.0 Length: 2m The most important features: The intelligent chip adjusts the optimal power for stable and safe charging, thanks to which the cable does not heat up. Supports the fast charging standard dedicated to Apple products. Transmission speed up to 480Mb/s allows for fast data transfer.

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