3MK ARC Watch Garett Kids Life Max 4G RT

Oblíbený výrobek 3MK ARC Watch Garett Kids Life Max 4G RT od výrobce Krytárna snadno můžete najít zde nyní za výhodnou cenu! Nabídky od 459 Kč
Cena: 459 Kč

Curved screen? Can’t find proper glass protector? The ARC foil will take care of your smartphone’s screen covering bigger area than standard glass and film protectors. Perfect transparency Plain and clear structure enables to display colors of screen in its true representation. Self-Heal™ Owing to the memory of a material and Self-Heal™ quality, the ARC foil selfheals all the developed scratches. Perfect touch responsiveness ARC provides the perfectly smooth finger glide and full sensitivity of your touch screen. The semi-permeable structure of ARC Makes all the visible air-bubbles disappear in 48 hours. Easy installation facilitates New installation method is so easy that you can install it by yourself.

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